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Mr Jeff Thompson has been part of the NYC techno scene since early 2000’s. He has almost 2 decades of knowledge in techno, which is the genre he dedicates his musical life to. Similar to most music selectors of his time, he spent countless hours spinning at local bars and techno venues throughout NYC.

He took sometime off a few years back to focus his attention on studying the art of audio production. He has obviously trained himself well and Eqwel felt that energy, during their
first conversations.

Due to this unforeseen encounter, Mr Thompson has been very pleased releasing his interpretation of Techno through Eqwel’s platform, which is housed by Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts. The label boss is no other then the legendary Joaquin “ Joe “ Claussell, who offers all his artist’s the luxury to do whatever their musical vibe entails, as long as they show passion in what they do and offer the public quality productions.