Sacred Rhythm Music’s
Eqwel Releases
Audio Telemetry EP

Audio Telemetry Ep is set to release on April 25th, 2019

Eqwel's forthcoming release will be a CD/ 7" Vinyl Package, which will be available though Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic ARTS.

The release will also be available worldwide @ Dope Record Shops.

This release send telemetry data to humans who are willing to distinguish the difference between House & techno on a deeper alignment. All inspiration comes from multiple dimensions.

The video on the right touches on the ever increasing
global threats we all face these days.
This video will wake you up from your slumber!

The image on the bottom will take you
on a teaser audio journey
though Eqwel’s Audio Telemetry EP.

A stern believer that one needs to make whatever sacrifice necessary so to aid their inner visions to life.

A unique individual who creates at his or her own pace thus understands that patience is a virtue.

An artist who doesn’t just accept what is being told but rather seeks out the alternate truth.

An activist who challenge the establishment and chooses rhythm, sound and originality as his choice weaponry.

A calm mortal by day, and music conductor / truth seeker by night. His name is Eqwel. And we are fortunate that he is on our side…

Words By Joaquin Joe Claussell

Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts

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