Atypical Dopeness Distribution is committed to promoting artists who pride and dedicate themselves on cultivating a cosmic connection with their audience.

Part of our mission is to create a family that comprise of like-minded artist who similar to ourselves, understand not only the powers behind rhythm, melody and sound, but also their profound importance to humanity as a whole, and by the way of bestowing upon us their laws of universal consciousness, enables us to become in harmony with one another.

Aside from our fascination and love for the arts, we are starch supporters of the Vinyl record format, and see a direct connection between the rotations of records on a turntable to that of the rotation of planets that are housed within the cosmic structure of our universe.

Equally important is our goal to pursue and therefor become a part of a ritual that embraces, cultivates and nourishes a unique culture of DJ’s, aficionados, designers, artists, executives and most importantly-the every day music listener who seek to heal themselves through this universal power called music, but are also eager to pay it forward thus creating a one world fabric of unity.

And finally:

We dream of a world where the arts become more than just a pass time listening experience in the lives of others who reside here on earth. Because for us it is clear that music is the universal language and power that if understood-can bring nations together. Hype, recognition and profit have no place within our agenda.

We thank you for listening
Music Always!
The Atypical Dopeness Distribution Family