Unnayanaa (a.k.a Prashanth Pallemoni) strives to translate abstract ideas into a tangible and relatable format for a cross section of listeners. His unconventional approach to morphing sounds into one another using records along with his keen sense of interpreting sound defines his Djing style and music production.

Born into a music loving family, music has always been his sanctum, inspiration, passion & first love. He spent the early years of his childhood listening to his mother’s classically trained voice and the many records his father brought home from his travels along with his grandfather’s collection of spool tapes.

His primary musical influences apart from Indian classical are African & electronic music with a collection that ranges from K.L. Saigal to Kraftwerk and Celia Cruz to Stockhausen. UNNAYANAA’s sound is a translation of these influences and what manifests from this is what he calls “Sonic Attunement”; he aims to connect with his audiences through this state.

He strongly believes that unique ideas that touch our souls come from a sacred place. He constantly explores ways to add depth to his performances and productions by collaborating with artists from other diverse art forms, pairing their talent with his quirky performance skills.



Prashanth Pallemoni

Mobile: +91 99000 96895