The CombiNations started as two members, “Jammin” Johnny Nunez, and Ed “Fresh” Velazquez. Raised in Perth Amboy, the CombiNations grew up in an environment rich with culturally diverse music. We were exposed to hip-hop, reggae, R&B, Latin, funk, jazz, and trance. Our musical influences stemmed from attending legendary New York City and Jersey night clubs such as Heart Throbs, Studio 54, The Tunnel, Club Abyss, and Zanzibar. We grew up listening to various D.J’s such as Little Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Latin Rascals, Jellybean Benetiz, Tony Humphries, Red Alert, Kid Capri, Joe Claussell, David Morales, and many more.

In the late 80’s, the CombiNations began to make a name for themselves as an up-and-coming D.J’s, throwing dance parties in their hometown and playing at New Jersey hotspots like Burch Hill and the Cave. They played with raw energy and spiritual emotion that reflected his sets, encompassing everything from jazz, funk, hip-hop, reggae and trance to new wave.

In 1992, the group teamed up with Greg Anderson and began piecing music productions under the CombiNations name. CombiNations Music productions soon took off, house mixes for Urban Vision records under the likes of Myra Hubb, Tyrone Hamlin, and Donna Rose put the duo on the dance music scene.

In 2008, the CombiNations (after a brief hiatus) partnered  up with Jun “Jaynuz” Nunez, and came  back on the house seen producing dance music for jellybean Soul records, cyberjamz records, Omi Tutu records, Selekta records.

In 2014, the group founded CombiNation Music Records (through the encouragement and support of Joe Claussell), and distribution through Atypical Dopeness to showcases the diversity of dance music from the Afro-soul, tribal & funky to the modern sounds of tech house. CombiNation music is always looking toward the future of dance music to keep the music relevant, innovative and progressive.

In the new millennium, the CombiNations focus is to establish themselves as music producers and dance DJ’s. Our mission is to combine musical genera’s from different cultures to produce original dance music in order to release positive vibrations to the world. Our vision is to help keep House Music ALIVE


Record Label: CombiNation Music

Artist and Song info:

The CombiNations Feat. Charlie Hamilton


The “Nulukwana” package is the first debut release on CombiNation Music records. The African song is written, sung and originally produced by Charlie Hamilton, a talented music producer and song writer from South Africa. The Combinations heard the song (Nulukwana) from mutual friend Max Martinex and immediately reached out to Charlie to remix the vocal and create an E.P.   The release comes fully loaded with hard hitting remixes from producers The CombiNations (Johnny & Julio Nunez), Rob Lee, Michael E. Witzel and Max Martinez. All delivering an end product with a BIG Dance Floor appeal! These remixes are sure to satisfy a wide range of people on the dance floor, from deep, edgy progressive, Afro-soul and tech house. This E.P is definitely for house heads of all genres!

Charlie Hamilton (Original Mix)
Produced & arranged by Charlie Hamilton & Andrew Lilley
For Sheer Publishing/Charlie Hamilton Ent.
Vocals by: Charlie Hamilton
Written by: Charlie Hamilton & Andrew Lilley
Recorded at: Backyard Studio, South Africa
*Mixed by: Charlie Hamilton at Backyard Studios, South Africa

Remix Credits:

CombiNations (Afro-Soul Mix)
Produced by The CombiNations (Johnny & Julio Nunez)
For Combination Music/ASCAP
Keyboards: Johnny Nunez
Percussion: Johnny Nunez
Recorded at CombiNation Studio’s, Perth Amboy N.J
Combination Music/ASCAP

Max Martinez (Afro-tech Mix)
Produced by Max Martinez

Rob Lee (Revolution Mix)
Produced by Rob Lee

Mike Witzel (Blackdrum’s Taste It Remix)
Produced by Mike E. Witzel


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